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Recruitment Service

We, at K.Stone Corporation Ltd., are experienced recruiters and specialize in providing candidates especially selected to meet the requirements of your company and the job in question. In fact, we interview candidates ourselves and thereafter offer you the chance to interview the by us pre-selected candidates. This guarantees that our pre-selected candidates will meet your expectations and allows you to spend your valuable time on other productive matters.

With our experience and attitude, we can find the right person for you for any type of job in the business world. In fact we are so confident that we can find the right person for you that we charge no initial fee for our services and also offer a replacement guarantee period to ensure that the candidate you chose is living up to your expectations.


Outsourcing Service

Our goal is to allow you to focus on the core activities of your business and provide you with a cost effective and efficient solution to get other jobs done. We provide professional services in compliance with your corporate or brand requirements, and are sensitive to customer related issues and needs.